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MentorUWorldwide was founded on April 21, 2013 with the mission to build Success through Mentorship.  MentorUWorldwide is a team mentoring our members to better health, wellness, financial freedom, and overall personal goals each of our members want to set on their visionboard.

Reasons we want to Mentor:

  1. In our career we have been blessed to be a part of helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.
  2. The trickle effect from this is amazing.
  3. Once someone helps himself or herself and transforms their health, they are naturally motivated to help others make a change for the better.

The building of Hope:

Witnessing this powerful movement is absolutely astonishing to us. We have witnessed individuals, normal people, give their emotional testimony of their physical transformations and how that impacted their quality of life and the quality of life of those around them. One of these emotions has been prominent… It was the feeling of Hope.

Our Goal:

We have witnessed a community of friends as well as a large family of peers all pulling for each other and working toward something good. Something powerful. Something inspiring. We have realized that it is possible to turn obesity around. To aid our healthcare. To reduce our spending on prescription drugs. To educate and inform society of a better solution.

Our Promise:

We believe that we have the tools to convey our message to those in need. We WILL make a positive impact on society. We WILL create a movement. This is exactly what it will take to turn obesity around. You may think turning obesity around is a lofty goal. Well this is our goal and we believe we can and WILL do it. We have everything in place to accomplish this:

  1. The products.
  2. The capabilities.
  3. The talent.
  4. The tools.
  5. And… HOPE.

It is our time to make a difference. To believe in what we have and to inspire others to follow. To make a positive impact in as many lives as we can. To make a positive impact on society. To help our country and other countries to follow until the worldwide epidemic of Obesity is reversed.

Without U, none of this is possible.  Join MentorUWorldwide to make a difference.  If you would like to join us or get further information, please leave us a comment.  Thank you for checking in with us.

Verlan Jarvis, Marty Hollern, and Dena Dellere

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MentorUWorldwide is a Team of Leaders that help their members to improve health and wellness through a lifestyle change to improve their diet and promote exercise. A proven System is used to develop the entire person to reach their goals whether is weight loss, better health, financial freedom, pay for trips, or what ever their dream or goal is. We are mentoring our members so they too become Leaders. Our proven system is helping others to continue the mentoring process!